Recycling, saving earth – tennis ball felt pads.

Very interesting and challenging work.
Which at first glance trod very simple but requires a large and complex technical solutions.
We succeeded!

The customer is not made public.

“KirPro” Edvinas K.
Now i’m pretty sure those guys from Denmark are really mad.
When an agent has sent the request. I read the report and thought that what they want is not being implemented…
A headache is not a foreign feeling to me at work.  We have to make a great effort that year.
This is the most difficult order I have had to implement in the last few years.

Our work:

  • Works include the development of cutting technology A to Z
  • Designed equipment and tools
  • Basic recycling processes is felt pads cutting, washing, drying, adhesive pads cutting

Recycling | Saving Earth – Tennis ball felt pads. Denmark 2020


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